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Sponsoring is the ideal way to help a dog in need. Maybe you cannot have a dog yourself, or maybe you can't have any more, but would like to help another dog until they get their 'furever home'.
Here you can read about our trusted rescuers and their shelters, then click to find out more about the dogs in their care who need monthly support to provide food, every day - because 'every life counts'


Aurelia Angel for Website.png

K-9 Angels have worked with Aurelia since 2014. Together over five years we have funded the shelter Beta's Land, supporting the work of Aurelia through the provision of food, vet care, funding a part-time worker and fuel to power the generator for water supplies.
Aurelia cares for eighty dogs at Beta's Land, the shelter built with donations from supporters like you.
There are a further forty dogs in foster care awaiting homes. All needing FOOD!
CLICK HERE to find out more about dogs in care with Aurelia and support a stray today.
You can read all about our shelter project at Beta's Land HERE.


Mada Angel for website.png

Madalina will always hold a special place in the heart of K-9 Angels. 
This independent rescuer first made contact with our front Angels in 2011, when they saw she was asking for just thirty euros to save a little abandoned dog. The girls stepped up to help, and from this K-9 Angels was born. The little dog, called Angel, is now leading the most wonderful life in the USA!

Madalina cares for dogs on the streets of Romania, however she also has dogs in foster care. This keeps them safe from the threat of dog catchers, but she needs to pay each month to keep them safe and also to pay for food.

CLICK HERE to sponsor a dog in foster care with Madalina.


Raluca and the Team at Red Panda also need your support. This well respected shelter does an excellent job of rehabilitating and preparing dogs for adoption, but lack of consistent funding is a real concern.
Recently Raluca has been unsure how much longer they can continue due to pressures of vet bills, a shelter that now needs repair and dogs that cannot leave through old age, ill health or traumatic pasts.

It would be a tragedy if this shelter closed its doors to dogs in need, please help us to help the dogs at Red Panda!

CLICK HERE to sponsor a dog at Red Panda.


The sponsorship scheme on each page covers the cost of food for ONE MONTH.
If you can kindly commit to sponsoring on a regular basis, that would be AMAZING. The dogs will create a special personalised certificate just for you - they are SO clever - and they will send you updates whenever they can! Unlike many larger charities, we only have one sponsor for each dog, we make sure you have a spcial mention on our 'thank you' page and you will get a lovely warn feeling knowing you are helping a dog in need.

Please CONTACT US HERE and we will email you details of our Virgin Moneygiving link for sponsorship.
All our team are volunteers so every penny of your donation will go directly to your chosen dog.


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