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K-9 Angels support many charities and societies in their mission to relieve pain and suffering of animals and to educate and create awareness of what is happening throughout the world.  Below are just a few of the campaigns we embark upon and support.

Hot Dogs Car Campaign with logo.png


Jo, Pola and Victoria spearhead our campaign to prevent needless suffering as too many dogs are left to die a most horrendous death in cars during the warm weather.
We are passionate about this campaign and urge everyone to share our petition far and wide.


* In just 20 minutes, a dog could die in a hot car

* Winding a window down is not enough to help your dog stay cool

* Leave your dog at home in the cool with water rather than risk their lives leaving them in a hot car

* Please sign the K-9 Angels petition so vital information can be easily accessible nationwide

Please join us by signing and sharing this petition.

Thank you,

The Angels xxx


Download and print our PDF and ask all local public places to display this in their windows!
NO dog should die in a hot car. Together we can make this change happen. Join us in our campaign NOW!

Thank you to Green Interiors who were the first to post our campaign in their window, you are angels for dogs in need.

Our 'Dogs in Hot Cars' Campaign printable PDF is here. Please let us know where this is displayed!

Will You Stand By While Hounds Die? WARNING - Video contains some disturbing footage


We would like to highlight the plight of another animal often cruelly treated and cast aside as part of fox hunting. Every year thousands of young hounds are put through a selection process to determine whether they are for suitable for fox hunting. During this selection process at age just 5 months, when they are effectively just puppies, those puppies that fail make the grade are often destroyed!

If these young hounds are 'lucky' enough to make the grade they will usually be worked up to the age of approximately 6- 7 years (which by the way is approximately half their natural life span)
The hounds who become too old to 'adequately perform’ as part of the pack in the hunt field are in most cases destroyed in a variety of horrendous ways. The estimated number of hounds destroyed every year is in the region of 4000.

83% of the public believe hunting to be a cruel, totally outdated and ineffective activity. Not only because foxes are being killed and torn to pieces in a brutal manner but also because thousands of hounds bred for the sole purpose of hunting are prematurely and mercilessly executed by their "masters"


Please join the K-9 Angels and the 83% of the British nation that want to see the barbaric fox hunting a thing of the past.

Please share our campaign video, please email your MPs and urge them to make this cruel barbaric 'sport' a thing of the past forever!
Thank you so much!
The Angels X X


Victoria and Pola headed to London fashion Week to talk to people about fur and demonstrate peacefully.


Please watch the video (warning, some people may find images disturbing) and sign and share the petition link HERE


Big fashion labels like Armani, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, The Kooples, Vivienne Westwood and many more have denounced fur, yet London Fashion Week continues to provide the largest platform for fur in the UK. This has to stop.

As high fashion drips down into high street fashion, the relentless promotion of fur by high brow designers is culpable in the normalisation of cheap high street fur items that have been brought back into shops and market stalls. No doubt imitations of the the fur items featured in LFW this year will soon be seen donned by members of the public in the not too distant future.

Please sign the petition to ban fur from London Fashion Week.

Dog Meat 'Festivals'


These are no festivals, please read the facts and join our friends at Animal Asia in campaigning against this barbaric and cruel trade.


  • 2000 dogs are slaughtered at these events in one single day

  • Many dogs are beaten to death before being butchered

  • Meat traders steal dogs from loving families

  • Dogs are crammed into cages with so much force that their bones break

  • In some countries, dog meat is consumed as a tonic

  • Meat traders poison dogs with cyanide

  • Dogs travel for days without food or water, many become sick and die enroute

  • Terrified dogs fight each other causing shocking injuries


Please help stop the slaughter and join Animal Asia in their campaigin to end the trade of dogs and cats for food and to improve the welfare of companion animals.  


Please click here for more information.  You will be directed to the Animals Asia website. 


Keep The Ban!


The Team at K-9 Angels are strongly opposed to cruelty to animals in any form.

Groups have been created to show public support towards keeping the 2004 Hunting Act in order to prevent beautiful animals such as foxes, hares and deer from being inhumanely killed in the name of 'sport'. We want cruel bloodsports such as fox hunting and hare coursing to remain banned and for them to stay where they belong - in the history books.


Please click here for more information.  You will be directed to the Keep Hunting Ban Facebook Page.



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