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Here at K-9 Angels we are so grateful for each and every donation, however the leaving of Bequests and Legacies are something very special and the Board of Trustees always extend their heartfelt thanks for these uniquely thoughtful donations.

It is solely because of public donations that we are able to carry out our work, donations that come from dog loving people who follow our activities and appreciate the care that is needed to save even just one dog.

Taking the extra step of ensuring that your love of dogs continues in perpetuity is an amazing thing to do, and we take these donations very seriously and consider what would be a fitting tribute to those who have been so kind to donate in this way.

For example, recent bequests and legacies have enabled the funding of a dog house at Beta’s Land, and currently we are working on a project to fund a roof for over one hundred dogs and the provision of a multifunctional vehicle to act as animal ambulance and spay and neuter vehicle for remote villages in Romania.

Whether you have your will drawn up by a professional or if you write this yourself and have it witnessed, it is important to include our registered charity number
K-9 Angels Registered Charity Number: 1150314


How you leave a gift in your Will is completely up to you. You can leave a percentage of your estate, a specific cash sum, or even a specific item which may be sold to benefit the dogs in need.

K-9 Angels will recognise these gifts and apply them towards our annual aims, or you may wish to specify a particular purpose, in which case please do specify this or include it in any instructions for your Executors. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please contact us here


With appreciative thanks from us all


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