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K-9 Angels were initially best known as a dog rescue charity, and whilst we still do rescue dogs in need of course, this is not all we do! K-9 Angels help stray dogs all around the world, as well as the UK, and have not only rehomed hundreds of dogs in the last ten years, but also funded aid for shelters, providing food, medical supplies, and undertaken regular spay/neuter and vaccination programmes, spaying over a thousand animals and preventing literally millions of unwanted strays being born into lives of misery and starvation.

Currently we work championing spay and neuter, and campaigning against cruelty of all kinds, whilst educating the public on a range of animal welfare issues.

Have a look at the list below and follow links for more information.

Do CONTACT US if you can help us to fulfil our aims in any of these areas

In 2016 we decided to focus efforts on spay and neuter campaigns to make a difference and to try to end the suffering of unwanted animals on the streets and in the public shelters. Read more about the importance of Spay and Neuter HERE


We will always campaign to help those who have no voice, attending protests, speaking in public debates and sharing petitions and causes close to our hearts. Read more HERE


We have helped to fund a shelter in Romania, and are currently working on further projects and partnerships, including new roofing, dog kennels, rehabilitation rooms and more! Read about the shelter project HERE


We will always want to try to get forever homes for animals, and our dogs for adoption page can be seen HERE

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We have rehomed hundreds of dogs, and some cats too! Read some happy ever after stories HERE



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