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Below are the most frequently asked questions about our adoption process.  Please contact us if you require any further information

Q: How much does it cost to adopt a dog from abroad?

For dogs adopted from Romania, we ask for a minimum adoption donation of £450*

For dogs already within the UK the donation may be less, this depends on the dog and the adopters willingness to travel as this can help our charity to save monies on pet taxis etc. 


*This adoption donation covers their transport to the UK and a little towards their preparation such as microchip, vaccinations, medical treatment, flea and worming treatments.  If they are old enough, they are also spayed/neutered.  The rest is funded by our charity from the generous donations received and our fundraising efforts.

Q: What is the adoption process?

We ask people to register their interest about a particular dog, be it by messaging our Facebook page or enquiring via our website.


Having provided some basic information about your home and working hours, if suitable, we will then arrange a homecheck.


Once the homecheck is passed, an adoption contract is completed, the donation paid and the doggy is booked onto transport.


Dogs from Romania are ready for collection on the weekend from several kennels in the UK.  Flights from Cyprus vary and adopters can collect their new pets from the Animal Reception Centre from Heathrow or Gatwick.


Team K-9 Angels will make all the arrangements for you to make the process as seamless as possible.

Q: Where are you based?

Our registered office is in London. Some of our dogs for adoption are in kennels, others are in foster homes either in the UK or abroad.

Q: Can we meet the dog before we adopt?

You are welcome to meet the doggies that are waiting for forever homes in kennels or in UK foster, prior to adoption. 

Q: Do the dogs have to go into quarantine and for how long?
Q: Who can adopt from K-9 Angels?

Quarantine rules are now changed, so dogs travelling from Europe require a pet passport.  This means that all dogs must be firstly microchipped, have a rabies vaccination and wait 21 days after receiving the vaccine.  They must also have special worming treatment maximum five days and minimum 24 hours prior to entering the UK.  All dogs must have a valid pet passport and deemed fit for travel.  All our dogs travel with DEFRA licenced companies and travel under the Balai Directive/ TRACES scheme HERE.  Dogs from Romania are required to stay in kennels or in your home and garden exclusively for 48 hours and you may get a call from DEFRA to check this or to have them examined by a local animal health officer.  Dogs from Cyprus travel under TRACES and generally arrive in Heathrow and Gatwick Animal Reception Centres (ARC). .

Q: What happens if for some reason we cannot keep the dog?

K-9 Angels offer full rescue back up for this reason.  The adoption contract that you sign with us states that in this event, we will take the dog back and find it a suitable home.

We do not rehome to families who work full-time and do not provide daytime care for the dogs.  


We do not rehome to families who have very young children unless we are rehoming a puppy.and the family are experienced and responsible dog owners.  We always ask parents to ensure their children are supervised around any dog.


We always look for the best matched home for our dogs.


All potential adopters must pass a homecheck and be able to pay the adoption donation, as well as provide ongoing veterinary care for the dogs.



If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, please complete our registration/enquiry form:

PLEASE NOTE - at this moment in time we are only accepting enquiries for SPECIFIC DOGS, and NO general enquiries.

CLICK HERE to view which dogs are looking for their forever homes.

Thank you!

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