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Who doesn't love to see a happy wagging tail? Here you can read more in depth stories from our adopted dogs. ENJOY!


Here is Holly's story, told by her adopter Susan:

"In 2012, Holly (K108) was rescued in Thailand from the vile, illegal, dog meat trade. She'd been crammed in a cage along with many other dogs, there were hundreds on a lorry on their way to slaughter in Vietnam. We first saw Holly, (when she chose us!) when we followed her story and photos on K-9 Angels Facebook page.
We had been following K-9 Angels after Simon Cowell gave the angel ladies a shout out on Britain's Got Talent! Looking at the pictures and reading her story, we knew that K108 would be joining our family. Those sad, brown eyes, said it all!
K-9 Angels helped to arrange everything, and we officially adopted OUR Holly. A 6,000 plus miles journey, from Thailand by plane, ferry, train and car, and Holly finally arrived home to Scotland and her forever home in Orkney.
She's a very much loved, happy dog with a very waggy tail! Adopting Holly is one of the best things we've ever done. "Saving one dog doesn't change the world, but surely, for that one dog, the world will change forever."


THANK YOU! We love you HOLLY
Such a lovely ending for this beautiful girl who has the most amazing life with a wonderful supporter of K-9 Angels.

Banter from Barney

Bonzo - a happy ever after tale


Here is Basil's story, told by his adopter Sara:

"After having lost my previous rescue dog, Red, in Sept. 2019 to kidney failure, I wasn't ready to start looking for another dog until April 2020 when already into the pandemic lockdown.  (I live in a rural area so getting a new dog would not be an issue as I have a good sized outdoor space and am surrounded by very quiet walks.)  I was finding that when I enquired about a particular dog at UK rescues, there were many obstacles.  Obviously, there had to be restrictions but they weren't even accepting application forms or information on particular dogs and some didn't even show pictures of the dogs looking for homes!

So, I started looking further.  I knew there were international rescue groups rescuing dogs from Europe as well as from the meat trade in Asia.  This latter one had so many more obstacles and adopting conditions one had to sign for as in a contract, that it was quite discouraging.  Then I found

I was immediately interested in several dogs on this site and my intention had been to get a female this time. Then I saw pictures and description of Basil and it was love at first sight.  I knew he was my dog. There was something in his eyes and expression and then seeing the video clips of him that sealed the deal for me.  My gut feeling has always been very good in this respect.  K-9 Angels were very welcoming and flexible in finding a way for me to meet Basil given the restrictions so it just progressed from there.

Basil has been with me for over a year now and he is blossoming.  He has lost weight and is more trim and handsome.  On day one he made himself very comfortable on my sofa and we cuddled for quite a while, this after dashing all around my garden, dashing upstairs, jumping on my bed, dashing downstairs again in pure bliss.  He was so excited and happy. 

I take him up to where I have my horse, a lovely, quiet, laid back friendly yard on a hill surrounded by woods and fields. There are other dogs, chickens, geese and of course, horses.  After a couple of reprimands, he now pays no attention to them at all even off lead.  He does love to climb up the haybales and steal the eggs that no human can reach though! He doesn’t mind the horses either although they do seem rather big when up close, but he tolerates them very well.

There are well-fenced fields there where I can let him off lead for him to run and explore.  I have him wearing a falconry bell on his harness so I can hear him if he goes into tall grass or bushes.  He does come mostly when I call him and if not, I just turn around and head back and he gets worried if he doesn’t see me and then comes looking. To see him gallop through the fields with a big smile on his face enjoying his freedom as well galloping up to me when I call him is priceless and just makes me laugh.  He is so happy.

For me, he’s been just what I needed especially after a long winter alone and then the lockdown happening just when I was starting to feel ready to get another dog.  I’ve always had and loved animals and after losing Red in September, my heart was broken.  I knew I had to mourn him before being ready to adopt another dog.  Fortunately, I had my horse to care for and whom I’ve had since he was born so he is very special to me and this carried me through the winter.

I am very strongly in favour of adopting and not buying dogs.  There are so many lovely souls needing loving homes that it seems immoral to support an industry based on selling this surplus of dogs.  I highly recommend adopting and you will probably know when you’ve found the right one.  They really find us, not us them.​"


THANK YOU! We love you Basil
So delighted that this handsome boy has finally found his forever home, he waited patiently for such a long time and he and Sara are the perfect match!

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