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Please have a look at our past fundraisers for further ideas on how to offer your support, and see the commitment of our wonderful team and followers who are helping us to help the dogs.  Thank you!


WHO REMEMBERS Serena who walked 120 miles non stop over 2 day/nights for dogs in need last year?

Well Serena will attempt to walk 125 miles NON STOP raising funds for dogs in desperate need starting on 18th September in Bury St Edmonds.

Super gran Serena age 68 is as determined as ever to complete this mammoth challenge and would really love our support.

Please donate and share. We appreciate your help. and as everyone at K-9 angels is a volunteer, all funds go directly to support the dogs in need!

Photos & live updates and videos of Serena walking through the nights will be on our Facebook page between 18-20th September so do go there to check on Serena’s progress.

Thank you for your support!

The Angels xx


The wonderful Alana who has fundraised for dogs in need before ran10K in the Kew Gardens, Richmond Runfest on 17th September. Alana says "Im a great lover of dogs and sadly lost my best and dearest friend in  the whole world a few months ago Dear Fluffin my dog.  I want to help his furry friends Through Virgin Money Giving. Run by a few amazing friends of mine, the K-9 ladies work tirelessly and endlessly campaining for animals rights and saving streetdogs beaten, battered and left out on the streets of Romania in winter where puppies are left to die. Also dogs used for the meat trade in Thailand.  K-9 have a spay and neuter campaign to prevent unwanted puppies, build safe, happy shelters for them, feed and medicate street dogs, and foster and rehome as many as they can around the world to good and wonderful homes."  
Please support Alana's efforts & sponsor here



We were delighted to be invited back to the Milford-on-Sea doggy event this summer.A great time was had by all!

We were amazed by the final total raised which was £2,176.42! Thank you to Nicky and Roger Carter and all their helpers for their hard work in putting together such a great day, you are such a support to K-9 Angels and we really value everything you do for the charity to support dogs in need.

Thanks also must go Haatchi and Owen the special guest judges, and to everyone who came and supported this superb annual event!

A Message From Victoria!


"Hi Everyone!
Every year I take on a personal fundraising challenge and on 3rd June 2017 I did my latest one to raise much needed funds for the K-9 Angels ongoing mass Spay and Neuter campaign. 
This year I faced my fears and I did wing walking. I was strapped to a plane while it reached speeds up to 130 MPH while the plane zoomed and climbed high in the sky and I faced my fear of heights and speed at the same time"

Please support Victoria's challenge here


If Victoria can raise £5000, those who donated will help prevent 20 million lives of needless suffering!


Q:How do you save thousands of stray dogs?
A: Just spay one!

One female and her offspring within six years can produce 67,000 puppies, by spaying just one dog we can save thousands of unwanted puppies being born into a short misery-filled life. Support K-9 Angels spayathon, please sponsor Victoria for the K-9 Angels summer spayathon.

Victoria's Mountain Challenge 2016

In the latter part of 2016, Victoria raised further funds by climbing Mount Kilamanjaro, sparing millions of dogs and cats from a life of abuse and misery. We believe that Spay/Neutering is the only effective way of reducing the stray population in Romania, and we will continue with our quest to make a difference and prevent needless lives born into a life of abuse and suffering.


Victoria's Cycle Ride 2015

Victoria’s cycle ride covering 400 miles in 5 days raised a massive £5,552 for our spay/neuter campaign. Thanks to Victoria’s dedication and our generous donors, we were able to spay/neuter 397 dogs and cats in Romania during this period. 

In the previous period she raised enough to spay/neuter 285 dogs and cats.   


Taking statistics into account, by spay/neutering 685 dogs amounts to potentially 45,895,000 unwanted births already spared! 

Statistics quote that spaying/neutering just one female or male dog, more than 67,000 births can be prevented in just six years!

(source: North Shore Animal League America, 2011)


In 2014 Victoria cycled 300 miles which meant K-9 Angels were able to spay/neuter and vaccinate 250 dogs because many people supported and sponsored Victoria.   That means the birth of a potential 16,750 dogs were prevented and saved from a life of pain and suffering.  


Rosa's Cycle Ride

Our wonderful supporter, Rosa decided to take on the massive task of cycling the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps.  Stelvio Pass is arguably the toughest mountain cycle in the Alps (second highest pass in the whole of Europe).


She set out from Prad on 30th August 2015 and battled against the 48 hairpin in my climb to the summit, taking her to an altitude of 2,757m (9,045 feet). She didn't care how long it took but she was determined to get to the top!


Rosa raised an incredible £842! Thank you so much Rosa xx

Sharon's Marathon

Wonderful Sharon ran the Ikano Robin Hood Marathon on 27th September, 2015. She wanted to raise money to help the dogs of Romania. Proceeds were split between Simona, a wonderful rescuer from Romania, and K-9 Angels for us to help improve facilities for dogs and their rescuers in countries such as Romania, Cyprus, Thailand and of course, the UK. To send medical aid, spaying and neutering schemes and by applying governmental pressure to these countries to facilitate change.


For more information about Sharon's fundraiser please click here

Karen Gittoes Fundraiser

A massive thank you to Karen Gittoes who raised funds and awareness for dogs and cats in the meat and fur trade in Asia.  Her March fundraiser supported Soi Dog, Animal Asia and K-9 Angels, to help them to help reduce the pain and suffering of the dogs.


Karen raised an enormous £1541.25 allocated to the charities to help this cause.  Thank you so much Karen, from the bottom of our hearts, and thank you everyone who generously donated.


For more information about Karen's fundraiser, please click here

Jason Barnes' of Ghost Fitness, Wolf Run

An enormous thank you to Jason Barnes of Ghost Fitness who, in June, embarked on a wolf run in Leicester to raise money for the dogs of Romania.  The Wolf Run is an approx. 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course.

Jason raised an enormous £508.75 to help the dogs of Romania. Thank you so much Jason, what an enormous feat. Jason is a personal trainer, based in Leicester, you can visit his website by clicking here


For more information about Jason's fundraiser, please click here


Laura Burnham 10K Run fundraiser

Thank you Laura for completing a 10K Run to raise £231 for the doggies.  K-9 Angels and the doggies are very grateful, thank you so much xxxx

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