Any amount you can spare will make a big difference to our rescue and help us to save more unwanted or abandoned dogs. 


All donations are gratefully received and go towards alleviating the pain and suffering of homeless dogs.  With your donations we really can make a difference by providing medical aid, food and paying for safe and dry shelters for the dogs. Please CONTACT US if you could contribute to our appeals and causes!


We are very grateful to the following companies for their sponsorship and send sincere thanks from all the lost, abandoned and helpless dogs - YOUR contribution has made their lives more comfortable - THANK YOU SO MUCH!



We are delighted to be charity partners of Harry's Pet Food.

Harry’s is the UK’s first not for profit pet food company.
100% of their profit goes into feeding animals in rescue centres.
You buy one bag and they donate one bag to a shelter animal. If you are looking for hypoallergenic dog or cat food that is nutrient rich, natural ingredients and are prepared with either fresh meat or fish then please consider Harry's.

By buying Harry's you will be feeding your own pets as well as the poor homeless souls.

"Feed it forward"

Thank you xx



We are really pleased to announce that Nutriment have kindly provided  sponsorship towards our latest film venture - we are very grateful for your help. 

Thank you! xx