Since we have last written to you we have had such good news, news that we were totally amazed to receive. K-9 Angels has been gifted a wonderful legacy from two lifelong supporters. Ann and Ron Fawcett. We understand from their friend and executor John, that for over forty years they always had their dogs from rescue shelters. They picked small dogs, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and the like, always having a family of three or four dogs at a time.

John told us that Ann and Ron were kind, selfless and giving people, liked by everyone who knew them. Ron sadly passed in October 2018, and Ann in October 2019 and were resident in a market town in Norfolk until their respective deaths. John also told us that our charity was chosen when initially, Ron saw a programme which featured K-9 Angels and was impressed by our good works.

Ron and Ann started with four "adoptees" reducing with age to one. Probably ten plus in total, all of them "small dogs"

We would like to formally extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of these animal loving and generous couple, and we thank Ann and Ron from the bottom of our hearts. The board of trustees have met and agreed that we should aim to utilise their bequest in a long lasting way to ensure that their legacy of helping rescue dogs continues.

As such, it is planned that this legacy is earmarked for particular projects. A percentage has already been set aside to help a trusted rescuer provide roofing for hundred dogs at their shelter. This project will start after the winter as sadly the weather is already too bad to commence the works now.

We have already utilised some funding to help dogs needing emergency aid, and a limited amount has been set aside especially for this purpose. Cases like the one we have already mentioned on our Facebook page, where Negri's Place dog rescue in Romania was flooded and they lost many dogs. Some managed to escape the flooding and were yet to be found, others lost their lives, particularly the small and vulnerable puppies. The rescue were left with nothing as all the food stored was destroyed, fences damaged and kennels ruined. We were so grateful that we could act quickly and utilise the emergency funding to provide food for these poor, traumatised dogs and sent 1.2 tonne of dried food that was delivered within days of the disaster. Many rescues and individuals worked together to provide aid and the rescue are slowly getting back on their feet having had so many people rally together to help.

We were also very grateful that we have been able to help fund the rescue of several dogs from the streets in Romania, an example is the little beautiful dog we named Ruby who was abandoned at a petrol station in Romania and left to fend for herself. She stayed and waited there for her 'family' for several weeks, but they never returned. We were able to pay for her foster costs, medical treatment, her passport preparation and travel to the UK and this Christmas she will have her very own presents under the Christmas tree with her new loving family that we found in the UK.

Supporters will know that we are keen to provide spay and neuter programmes, and this bequest will also be used to provide much needed vital operations in order to prevent the needless suffering of dogs abandoned on the streets where they lead short, miserable and painful lives.

We are keen to investigate the possibility of purchasing a mobile multi-purpose vehicle to enable veterinary care to go to outlying remoter villages where animal care is vitally needed, and will keep you all updated as we look into the feasibility of such a project.

In the meantime we have started to help a rescuer to spay a smaller number of dogs in an area where strays abound. This has become a major focus of our work, getting to the heart of the stray problem, and we hope this can continue alongside educational work to provide a better future for our furry friends. In conclusion, we will do all we can to ensure that this legacy will provide a range of solutions to help a wide range of rescued dogs, enabling Ann and Ron to live on in perpetuity. Our hearts are full. We cannot express our gratitude enough. Thank you so very much from us all.

We also would like to extend our gratitude to Susan Jennifer Plant who very kindly left a legacy to help make the lives of homeless, abused and abandoned dogs a little better, leaving funds to both K-9 Angels and other dog rescue charities.

A BIG THANK YOU We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our charity over the last nine years, during this time we have helped many dogs, and without your donations and support none of this could have been achieved. One of our larger projects started in 2014 when we set about fundraising to fund the build of a new private shelter with a vet facility that would go on to become a sanctuary for many dogs and a stepping stone to a new life for hundreds of others. In June 2014 we formed a partnership with Viata Animalelor and started fundraising to ensure completion of Beta’s Land. None of this would have been possible without Aurelia with her strong work ethic, her love for the dogs and true dedication to change the future of dogs in Craiova, many that found themselves trapped in the awful public shelter where disease was rife.

Over the years we have supported the shelter with a monthly order of food, funds for veterinary care, fuel for the generator and monies to pay for a worker. With the help of your generous donations, as well as building the dog houses and vet treatment house, we have also provided funds for fencing, individual dog homes, concrete for the bases and even been able to renovate and refurbish the original building on the site so that it provided even more accommodation for the rescued dogs. We bought a snow plough to make it possible to care for the dogs when the harsh winters set in and a new generator to pump water from the well. We have also asked for extra help with individual vet cases when funds were tight, and you have willingly helped us, so that we can help the dogs.

Our Partnership Agreement was for the duration of five years from June 2014, to allow us to raise funds to build the shelter, budgeted at £30,837 and provide 225 euros monthly (total £11,610) to help with the maintenance of the shelter. The agreement came to an end last year and in that time, we were able to provide much more accommodation than originally agreed and spent a total of £43,501 on the shelter build and provided aid in excess of the original £11,610. With your help, to date we have been able to send £44,143 in sponsorship for food, medical bills, payment for a worker and fuel for the generator; £15,382 for spay/neuter; a further £5,307 for further medical treatment; £2,550 from Rosie’s Fund to pay for the lawyer to bring Breasta Public Shelter to justice and £18,781 for general aid and foster costs to help Aurelia. On top of this, with extra help from our wonderful supporters who sponsor 17 dogs at Beta’s Land, we have been sending tinned and dried food monthly totalling £20,700. That is an enormous £150,364 over the period, and £107,917 over and above the original sum committed to in the Partnership Agreement! We could never have achieved this without you! You have provided food, shelter and medical treatment for hundreds of dogs, saving lives and giving them a chance for a better life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Although the agreement came to an end last year, we have continued our support, sending the equivalent of 750 euros of food and 700 euros cash every month whilst desperately trying to assist other rescuers with poorer conditions and struggling for aid.

We will endeavour to send the 750 euros worth of food to Beta’s Land every month, as long as we are able to raise the funds, and really hope others continue their support for this wonderful shelter. Our focus for the future is to keep raising awareness of the needless suffering of dogs in Romania and other countries, help with spay and neuter campaigns to reduce the number of puppies dumped like rubbish, and to improve the living conditions of many other dogs in need.

Thank you so much, with love and gratitude from all the team at K-9 Angels xxxx

A big shout out to our monthly donors!

Helping a dog in need costs from just 38p a day. More details about our sponsorship scheme can be found HERE. You really are saving lives, we are so grateful to you for your continued help!

HAPPY ADOPTION STORIES We are often so busy we forget to tell you about the happy every after 'tails' of success, here are two dogs who now have very lovely 'furever' homes.

CAPTAIN TOM A little scruffy dog was found wandering around looking for food, so friendly and happy to be rescued by the lovely Carmen. This amazing lady is a school teacher in Romania and we have had the pleasure of meeting some of her pupils where they discussed the importance of looking after animals, Carmen is determined to teach the next generation to respect animals and their environment.

We named the scruffy dog Tommy after Captain Tom and hoped for a better life for him. He arrived near the end of the first lockdown and was fostered by Rebecca, one of our Trustees.

After a good groom we discovered a very thin body under his matted coat. but after frequent smaller meals he has put on muscle and filled out nicely.

He didn’t have to look far for his forever home as Rebecca's neighbours saw him and fell in love! They haven’t had a dog before and are completely smitten and during lockdown he has become the favourite on zoom chats with the rest of the family! We love you Tommy, and wish you a very happy life with your new family.

LOOKING FOR THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE Finesse was seen living alone on the fields - like so many dogs in Romania, they spend their days looking for food and ever hopeful someone will come with dog biscuits so at least they can fill their empty bellies. We had seen a rescuer post the first photo of her asking if anyone could help, it took another four days before she could be picked up from the fields and we all hoped she would still be there. Bless her soul, she was still in the same place waiting for a biscuit drop...

She was adopted by one of our Trustees adult sons, who she now adores and follows him everywhere! She loves having her own human to call her own, she has a favourite elephant squeaky toy and is now living her best life.

We rely on donations to feed many dogs like Finesse. If you can support by a regular donation, however small this will help us to continue to help dogs just like her!

Did you know there are numerous ways you can support the work of K-9 Angels?

Here are a few: -

  • Donations large or small can be made to our PayPal account to,

  • Buying items and gifts from our online shop on our web page, please click HERE

  • Signing and sharing the petitions we share on our social media pages.

  • Buying from our online auction on Facebook, please click HERE to join the group

  • Buying items, face coverings, and gifts from the K-9 Angels Rescue Collection on Redbubble, please click HERE

  • Register for ‘Easyfundraising’, please click HERE It’s free to use, simple, and we get paid when you shop online at many leading retailers.

  • You could register for Amazon Smile HERE It’s also free, and simple, plus we get paid when you shop.

  • Follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like and follow our posts, comment on our posts, and please share them with friends to help us increase our reach, it really helps.

We thank you all for your continued support, compassion, care, adoptions, and donations. It has enabled the team at K-9 Angels to improve the lives and welfare of many dogs, during some very difficult times, and long may we continue.

We can’t express to you how truly grateful we are. Please remember to #AdoptDontShop.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your Christmas

Love from Team K-9 Angels xx

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