Diary of a K-9 Angel 28th October 2019 Day One On this day I was up at 3.30am for the 6.30am flight from Luton to Craiova, Romainia. Once again we were back at Franco vet in Craiova to carry on with the K-9 Angels mass spay campaign with vet Petisor and the team. I’m always grateful to be here meeting rescuers and responsible pet owners who have travelled from far away villages to spay or neuter their dogs.

Franco Vet, Craiova
Villagers waiting for Spayathon

It was early in the morning and already Vet Petisor found a tumour in a dog he was spaying which may have gone unnoticed if had not been spayed, or worse been fatal.

Operation in progress at Franco Vets

Just a few hours in on our spay/neuter day and two emaciated dogs were rushed into the vet by a caring but very tired rescuer who had been up all night. Not just one but two malnourished dogs, full of mange. Both had been left to die and both needed urgent medical help

We were told that they were left on remote industrial area and the workers there did not care. Without being found by a rescuer both dogs would have died there, starving, alone and in pain but now they have a chance. One had an infected ear and needed a blood transfusion and both were extremely skinny and had severe mange. They must have been in extreme pain with this mange and ear infection.

Dog with terrible mange, left to die

The most appalling ear infection!

More dogs were sterilised in the afternoon after treating these two emaciated dogs.

The stories from some of rescuers are just shocking - even after seeing these terrible things for the last eight years I still find myself shocked and deeply saddened. There’s simply no understanding to why anyone who treat a dog in this way. When that dog is a tiny, sweet little dog that wouldn’t harm a fly it does have you questioning humanity. Like little Melly I met that had been dumped to fend for herself. Luckily for her the amazing rescuer Rodica Belciug found her along with another little pup in the village of Melliesaw hence calling her Melly.

Melly stole my heart!
Melly with her rescuer

I posted an appeal for the two skinny dogs and we all prayed they would pull through. They really were caught just in the brink of time. A day later and I’m sure they would have died alone on that industrial area.

29th October 2019 Day Two It was another full day withspa ys/neuter booked in most of the day. I have no idea how Vet Petrisor and vet Miheala and team can keep up with everything from the spays to emergency calls, the surgery is full on every day!

Dogs in recovery at the vets

We had to go out to an industrial area to dart some dogs for spaying. This is something vet Petrisor is very good at. Considering he uses a tube to blow the needle through, he’s a very accurate shot and darts the dogs straight away. We then had to wait a few minutes for the anaesthetic to start to work. We followed the dogs so we knew they were not in danger and waited for them to go down. Then we quickly picked them up and got them straight back to the vets for the spay operation. So quick, just like that we can ensure history won’t repeat itself and no more pups will have to be born in such a terrible remote place.

Getting ready to dart the stray dogs

The poor souls on the streets

The terrors of being a street dog.....

Not long after returning to the vet and spaying the pups vet Petrisor had another emergency call to say there was a badly injured dog who apparently had been attacked by many bigger dogs while some men were watching on encouraging the attack.

On arrival to the scene I couldn’t believe my eyes. The poor female dog was drenched in blood with huge open wounds to her abdomen, she was shaking and cowering in fear. Vet Petrisor sedated her, we took her straight back to the vet and straight away as soon as we arrived vet Petrisor bathed her down and sewed her poor body back together. Things like this attack should never have happened in the first place, this poor girl should not have been living outside on the cold to fend for herself. Stray dogs often fight over the little food they can find. (We haven’t included pictures of this on the blog as they were too horrific to show, poor baby) The day didn’t end well as this poor soul died of shock. The vet was on another emergency call and no one else was around to help, so I gave her CPR (I am a trained pet first aider) but sadly it was too late. Madalina and I felt so sad she didn’t make it. Everyone tried their very best but sadly it wasn’t meant to be.....

Snowy in recovery
Bruno in recovery

We updated everyone on the two skinny dogs now named Bruno and Snow. They perked up so quickly after medical care and food. Bruno (black dog) was eating, eyes are open and way more alert and Snow was wagging her tail and eating well. We thank vet Petisor and their rescuer for acting so quickly to help these two, a moment later and the story would have been different - we can’t thank our donors enough for your support.

30th October 2019 Day 3 This day was full of spays! SIXTY FIVE animals were spayed in total on this trip, which will result in literally thousands of lives being saved. Spaying and neutering is something that is out of the reach of the pockets of these poor villagers, and every morning the surgery had a queue of people waiting to have their animals cared for by Franco vets. Until the next time. See you soon dogs (and cats) of Craiova.

Half of the spayathon pictured here!

Huge thank you again to the amazing rescuers I met on this trip. Vet Petrisor and team for their incredible work, Madalina for her brilliant organisation, and above all our amazing donors for making this happen. We will be back!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Together we save lives, because ‘Every Life Counts’

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