As we approach the end of what has been another eventful year for the K-9 Angels, we would like start by saying a big thank you to Sue Barker OBE for continuing to lend her patronage and support over the last three years.

It all began when Sue saw an internet appeal for a hard to place dog Romanian stray called Baiatu, otherwise known as Batty. She immediately fell in love with this lost and loveless dog, and so her association with K-9 Angels began. She was so impressed by the support she received when she adopted Batty that she agreed to become our patron, and the rest as they say, is history. Sue has had Batty for 'four glorious years now' and we are so grateful for her example, providing a home to a dog in such desperate need. Listen to her interview with BBC Radio here!

We are also pleased to tell you that as a result of the campaign we raged regarding the appalling conditions suffered by dogs at the Breasta shelter that there has been some progress, currently it is being asked to pay towards court costs until it can comply with the law and employ competent and qualified staff particularly in the field of veterinary care. None of this would have been possible without the generosity and compassion of our wonderful supporters who funded the work of a top lawyer to ensure the barbaric practices found could be stopped once and for all. We want to ensure that our beautiful dog Rosie did not die in vain - and we thank Aurelia and the wonderful lawyer for the continued work that they doing to try to give all dogs dignity in such difficult conditions. We are still awaiting a full outcome, and in the meantime we know that the case is in the best of hands.

Breata Shelter - the court case continues...

You will have seen Henry on our stories on Facebook this year, and it just goes to prove that once a dog is loved and given the attention that they so rightly need they soon begin to thrive and reward the love shown by undivided loyalty and devotion. Now called Waffle, he is happily living in the UK in a wonderful home! Watch his story here, what a happy ending! #adoptdontshop #everylifecounts

Snowy is another example of a dog who we didn’t give up on, rescuer Madalina was amazing with him - and after many surgeries we are pleased to say his leg plate is finally out and he is now as good as new. He is now home in the UK having a most wonderful time on his very own sofa! #adoptdontshop #everylifecounts

Snowy finds his sofa!

Please consider adopting Basil this beautiful dog, featured recently in his own video. He needs a pet free, adult only, all female home as he is only comfortable around women at the moment - but he will reward your love by loyalty and lots of snuggles. As we write we are investigating the possibility of foster care, which would enable him to leave the kennels at least over winter time! He is based in Stoke-and -Trent area and we would love to see him in his forever home. He so deserves a new start!

#adoptdontshop #everylifecounts

There are many ways you can support, donate and contribute to K-9 Angels,and we now have added Amazon Smile to our fundraising. As you shop you can donate to our cause at no extra cost to you! We will let Charlie tell you how to do it.... "Hello, it's Charlie here, I'm an adopted Spokesdog for K-9 Angels. What a smile eh? My friends have asked me to tell you about this exciting thing called Amazon Smile. Did you know that you can help K-9 Angels at NO extra cost, when you do your online shopping from #Amazon? Just sign in at https://smile.amazon.co.uk, select K-9 Angels and the Amazon Foundation donates every time you shop.

It's that easy, I bet even I could do it! It's because of supporters like you that I can smile like this. Let's make other doggies smile like me. THANK YOU! Love and licks from Charlie Xx

Click here to go to Amazon Smile

As winter approaches there will be many dogs on the street, in shelters and in compounds without any chance of warmth or human comfort. Every donation you make goes directly to these helpless animals - so please continue to donate where you can as every little helps. Currently we have many gifts in our shop, and every penny will go to support dogs in need during the harsh winter weather. Your donation will help the tireless rescuerers who work every day of the year to save these souls, and will make their lives just a little bit easier, knowing they are not alone.

Beta's Land in Winter Time

Please, please remind your friends and family that dogs are for life, not just for Christmas, and encourage them to become adopters, fosterers and friends to local sanctuaries who really need your help in these very difficult times.

We thank you for you continuing support and wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and look forward to updating you all in 2020. Love from Team K-9 Angels xx

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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