Welcome to our quarterly newsletter! As the year draws to a close it is really good to look back on some of the highlights and successes of the last few months.

Your donations have enabled us to achieve much for animals in need, and we are so very grateful. Please continue to donate via our website where you can catch up on news, appeals and buy some lovely goods which will help us to continue our work for those who have no voice.

No one could fail to be moved by the awful sight of the abandoned Greek kittens ravaged by neglect and infection resulting in blindness.

The money that you so generously donated has resulted in the mum being spayed and adopted locally, and the kittens being treated and re-homed with a wonderful new family who will ensure that they are able spend the rest of their time being happy and well cared for.

If you look at the video below you will see just how much your support has enabled these kittens to thrive. Thank you so much. It is wonderful to see that despite their life changing disabilities their life is by no means limited! They play and get into mischief just as much as normal kitties, and we are so grateful to their adopter who has opened her heart to them both.

Our August event at the Milford Show was a huge success despite the weather, raising over £2,000 which has enabled us to help provide some additional food at Beta's Land, and also much needed assistance for struggling independent rescuers.

We were able to support foster care for abandoned mum and pups with Roxana and give food to her, Madalina and Alina for their dogs in foster care and to support those poor souls who are still living a very sad life on the streets.

Nicky and Team Milford deserve a big shout out for their tireless fundraising! Thank you so much, you really are saving lives.

Nicky, Rebecca and Victoria at Milford

Amazing work from Nicky and Roger

We also endeavour to support animal welfare, and our founders, trustee and volunteers have been able to attend several meetings discussing animal welfare issues and trying to find solutions to help.

Events such as PupAid provide a great platform for our ongoing work to support Lucy’s Law. Please aid our fight by reporting callous backstreet commercial breeders and puppy mill traders who bred animals in appalling conditions for commercial gain. 'Adopt don’t shop' is our ongoing message in the fight against such cruelty.

Team K-9 Angels with Rescue Winner Jake, Pasha and Rachel Riley

We continue to support Beta’s Land regularly. Aurelia receives some regular help for fuel to power the generator, this provides water from an underground source which is so vital for daily drinks for the dogs! We also send money for a part-time worker to help Aurelia who manages the shelter singlehandedly, apart from much needed visits from friends from the UK and Germany, Food is always needed and we are so grateful to all those who send regular donations and those who are sponsoring a dog. You can find more details of our sponsorship scheme by clicking HERE.

Rebecca too has been helping our ongoing fight to support animals in need by taking part in her own 55km walking challenge which she has completed despite her broken hand! Thank you so much Rebecca! We are so grateful for your commitment and dedication to our cause. Rebecca raised £1,000 singlehandedly and this has supported the kittens found in Greece and funding to help independent rescuers.

Team K-9 Angels start the challenge
Well done Rebecca!

We also give great thanks to Alana, Clair and our own Victoria who together raised over £4,000 towards spay and neuter activities, which will save the lives of many animals who would otherwise suffer terrible lives of neglect as strays!

As we write Victoria has just returned from her trip to Romania, where she worked with trusted rescuer Madalina to help spay and neuter 75 dogs and cats.

More very positive news to follow from this trip later, as Victoria will write a blog for you all. Well done everyone!

As winter draws closer we currently have two appeals which will provide support for dogs in need, one of which will also provide something for you too. A win-win situation.

Our Romanian appeal is for the dogs in shelter and those on the streets. Both Aurelia and Madalina work tirelessly for dogs in need, and winter is a particularly worrying time as the dogs need to double their food intake in the minus thirty degree temperatures of the Romanian winter! We have a number of virtual gifts in store, and our printer has gifted extra calendars too, so every purchase in December will go directly into this fund to help support the dogs through this harsh weather. Please visit our online shop HERE to buy a gift to help dogs in dire need this winter!

Our next appeal is for our Cypriot rescuer Jeanette, who has some devastating news. Please join us in making a difference. An unforgiving strain of parvo-virus, an emerging strain of a respiratory virus and now the threat of distemper in the locality, SOS - Save Oroklini’s Stray dogs Cyprus is desperate for funds to build an isolation facility at the municipal pound which they run. So many young and beautiful lives have been lost in the past few months. Time is against them to raise funds to complete this project. Please help us to help these poor dogs, their lives really do depend on it. We have worked with this small and dedicated non-profit organisation for many years, they have saved thousands of lives No donation is too small, and every penny makes a difference and gets us closer to the goal.

Link to the fundraiser is here: https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-us-save-precious-lives

Finally, we can not end this newsletter without once again mentioning how proud we are to be part of PupAid which we have sponsored for the last several years. As a result of all the work done by Marc the vet Lucy’s law has now become a reality. What a wonderful 'positive' to end this year!

Well done Marc The Vet!

Lucy's Law  - making an end to puppy farming

Victoria, Marc and Rebecca

Please keep supporting, donating and above all 'adopting' not 'shopping' for your furry friend. Together we can make a difference and we look forward to seeing what the K-9 Angels and all their supporters can achieve in the year to come.

Please have a happy and healthy festive season, and if you can, please spare some funds and food for the many animals who have not been fortunate enough to be spending Winter in warm and happy homes.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support and care, we could not manage to continue to help without you!

Love from Team K-9 Angels

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