Spayathon - December 2018

The K-9 Angels two day mass spay and neuter was a huge success. We are so grateful to vets Petrisor Ghenea and Mihaela who worked solidly non-stop for two days from 7am until late, making sure they safely sterilised 75 dogs - and some cats too!

Victoria with a patient in recovery
Madalina co-ordinated the spayathon

Each day we had a full room of dogs and cats waiting to be sterilised, and the recovery room was soon full with groggy animals coming around after their operation.

Many dogs were brought into the clinic by local dog rescuers who were so grateful to be able to sterilise the dogs they cared for. Many other dogs were brought in by locals who simply couldn’t afford to sterilise their beloved pet.

It costs just £27 to spay or neuter a dog or a cat in Craiova, Romainia. This isn’t as huge amount of money as in the UK, as you may know the average spay/neuter operation in the here costs around £120 upwards.

In Romania the fee is just £27, however carrying out these mass spay and neuter sessions has such a huge impact on the local stray dog population. Our aim is to spay and neuter appropriately 80% in one area, this way we know from Dogs Trust research we are being most effective.

We know many feel upset and heart broken when they see a street dog in destress, and of course that’s totally understandable, but if we can all work together to prevent them being born in the first place we would save so much unnecessary suffering.

Spay Day One

Spay Day Two

We send a huge thank you not only to the wonderful vets and rescuers, but especially to Madalina for organising the mass Spay in this locality. We extend our grateful thanks to the amazing Alana and Clair for fundraising for this ongoing campaign, and of course to all who donated.

This year we will again be sterilising around 100 dogs at the same wonderful vets, with Madalina organising locally, liaising with rescuers and responsible pet owners.

Here’s some pictures of lucky dogs and cats who were sterilised at this event.

We can’t thank you enough for your support and look forward to sharing an update from the next spayathon!

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