We have lots to share from our judging at Pup Aid, however we just wanted to share the story of Jake, the winner of Best Rescue Dog! What a handsome boy he is, and with such a 'tail' to tell. Here is what his loving adopter says: "My husband and I already had two rescue staffies (shown in the first photograph below)

Merlyn and Clyde

Merlyn on the left and Clyde who was 16 on the right. Unfortunately we lost Clyde about three months later, it broke my heart as I had been through so much with him. Jake came to our home as a foster to find him a good home, and within two hours of him being with us my husband looked at me and said “He’s not going anywhere“

Jake had been kept in a high rise block of flats in a cage for the first two years of his life alone with no company, he had no fur on his back due to stress, and a terrible wound on his side which to this day we are uncertain of what happened! Our vet said possibly a knife or something had been thrown at him. He was very shut down and didn’t know how to play at all, he never kissed us and he never wagged his tail ever. He was scared of anything like the broom or loud noises. One day when my husband went into the garage he started to physically shake with fear.

We were a little worried introducing him to Merlyn as she is great with her own family, my sister had four little dogs at the time and my Mother had 2 ex-breeding bitches along with another rescue staffie and everybody got on brilliantly. But after a hiccup to begin with, they became the best of friends and I think she gave him such confidence to play and behave like a dog and to know things were going to get better.

The photo of them together (below) is one of my favourite photos of all, we had had Jake (on the right) about a month then and you can see how much they love each other. Having said that Merlyn is most definitely the boss! Merlyn is the one with the white paws and white around her face.

Merlyn and Jake

Jake has become the most amazing little dog and is so good with people and all dogs which is incredible considering he had no social interaction. Everybody loves him wherever we go, he is our little bear. He hates to be away from me and my husband.

Three months ago Jake was diagnosed with lymphoma which has devastated both my husband and I, the vet gave him three weeks. Life is so unfair and he really does love his life now so much. Both Merlyn and Jake are our little angels, sometimes in the evening he just stares at us as if he is saying “Thank you” His coat has never really grown back but that tail wags every day now. Hope this is a little insight into our little Jake"

Photo credit: Julia Claxton

Photo Credit: Julia Claxton

Photo credit: Julia Claxton

UPDATE 27th September 2018: We received some additional photos of Jake at home! We think you are all amazing and we hope that Jake will continue to prove the vet wrong.

Love from Team K-9 Angels xx

Jake at home

Jake rescuing 'stick'

Jake waiting for Daddy to come home!

UPDATE: 12th October 2018. GOODBYE JAKE...

Our Rescue Dog Winner at PupAid has sadly lost his battle with cancer, and we are so sad for his wonderful mum and dad. We thought Jake was incredible and we know he will be so sadly missed. His mum sent us this message after Jake passed on Friday. "Just to let you know, my darling boy Jake lost his fight against cancer yesterday. My husband and I had to make the toughest decision in the end for him and not for us. I am utterly heartbroken, he was just 8 yrs old. He spent the first 2 with ignorant and cruel humans and the remainder with us. We loved him so very much, he made our lives all the better for being in it, he was such a special little dog and followed us everywhere . Merlyn is looking for him round every corner and my heart breaks for her, they were so close. Thank you to the K-9 Angels for seeing what a unique little dog he was and giving us a very special memory of an amazing day, my husband and I will always remember being so proud of him winning at Pupaid. Take care in all you do and for the many animals you help"

We had a wonderful message of support from compassionate Rachel Riley, saying: "Awww that’s heart breaking. He was a gorgeous little thing and his Mum was so lovely too. Please send my and Pasha’s love and condolences, we remember meeting them fondly. Glad he spent his final years in a loving home xxx"

Sleep peacefully gorgeous boy, you were so loved and will be missed so much! All our love, Team K-9 Angels xx

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