Welcome to our quarterly newsletter. Once again we have been busy supporting animal welfare through our ongoing appeals, campaigns and fundraising. We will not stop until every single dog has achieved the right to a safe, fair and humane life!

BLS - Breed Specific Legislation

To that end on April 19th K-9 Angels attended a ground breaking meeting at the Houses of Parliament to discuss what has become an increasingly divisive, discriminatory and inflammatory topic: BSL - Breed Specific Legislation.

Current UK law dictates that many dogs are targeted for the way they look. Evidence shows that confirmation of type is not an accurate prediction for likely behaviour. The Angles listened to speeches by committed, knowledgeable people such as Shakira Free-Miles, a veterinary nurse whose campaign ‘Save A Bulls’ aims to find a solution for true dog bite prevention that does not single out specific breeds.

We believe that innocent dogs are seized and killed needlessly when they themselves have been the victims of cruelty and abuse by owners. Some dogs are family pets and because of past history find themselves judged as fighters when in fact they are loving animals who want to be left in peace.

Victoria and Pola who attended the meeting chaired by Marc the vet, say ‘K-9 Angels feel, as do many other animal charities and professional bodies, that judging dogs on their breed appearance rather than on their behaviours leads to the pointless loss of animal lives.’

To read more, visit ‘The SaveaBulls’ Facebook page; together let's Educate not Exterminate.


As the summer hot weather is upon us we want to urge you to never leave a dog in a hot car. Ten minutes in such conditions can result in severe dehydration and overheating leading to possible death.

Parked cars are potential death traps for animals.

In hot weather do not take your dog out with you unless you really need to. Please do not leave them in a locked car for more than a minute or two. If you have to, park in full, cool shade with the sunroof open and a window left open a few centimetres. CLICK HERE for further information and advice.


You may recall that Adrian Irmiea was running for us in the London Marathon in April. He ran to raise funds for our charity and finished in an incredible time of 2 hours and 55 minutes.on one of the hottest marathon days ever!

As a thank you we have pledged to support him with a supply of food for the many stray dogs he cares for. We are still raising funds for this worthy cause, and all donations will go directly to support dogs in need. We would appreciate any sponsorship and sharing of this and any other story that you can do in order to continue to raise our profile. Please donate HERE


We are indebted to many of our wonderful supporters, however an especial thank you goes out to Susan, her daughter Serena and their family and friends who raised an incredible £4119.34 at their Blue Door event! What an amazing achievement - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Funds have been spent on supporting Aurelia's plans for Beta's Land shelter, where Blue Door donations are helping with the build of the individual runs for traumatised dogs, and for two extremely large donations of food for Madalina's street and stray dogs. Emergency vet costs have been met for Snowy, the dog who had such a badly broken leg, and for Lucky, the tiny pup who had a leg taken in such terrible circumstances. Thank you, you are angels indeed!


Our trustee and rehoming officer Rebecca has spent a week assisting our partner Aurelia at Beta’s Land, the shelter built with your donations. During this time she cleaned the kennels and runs daily – no mean feat with over 80 dogs currently at Beta’s Land – and assisted with the care of extremely poorly puppies which had been abandoned at the gates of the shelter. Ticks were rife and Rebecca was able to feedback to the team to bring our supplies of treatment from the UK! She worked with trusted rescuer Madalina to feed the street stray dogs and was able to catch up with Snowy, the abandoned dog in the forest that you kindly supported with funds towards surgery. He is making really good progress and has a forever home awaiting him when he is well enough to travel.

Rebecca says ‘What will tomorrow bring? Everyday there is another poor soul that needs help...please donate if you can...you really are making a difference. We are very grateful to the loyal supporters that do donate monthly, we can't manage without you!’

You can donate at www.k-9angels.org/donate or via PayPal:donate@k-9angels.co.uk Ref: Support for Dogs

Later in the week Rebecca was joined by our trustee in charge of finances, who discussed plans and projects with Aurelia for further supporting the shelter dogs, and by our educational outreach trustee, who was delighted to visit Scola Gimnaziala Ion Creanga to work with young children using puppets and cartoons, and to talk with teenage youths about their own rescue efforts. There is a positive climate of change among these young people and we are thrilled to say we will be continuing our work in this area.

CLICK HERE to see the next plans for the shelter!

HAPPY 'TAILS' Followers of our charity will know that several years ago we made the decision to concentrate our efforts into spaying and neutering animals in order to get to the very heart of the stray dog population problem. However, when there are specific emergencies we have of course stepped in to help. Please see the latest happily adopted dogs in their forever homes! Remember the mum and pups that Madalina and Pola found under the pipe in the Autumn? Tilly the mummy has a wonderful new life with her adopter Lisa who has been following our page and the work of Aurelia for some time, and her pup Teddy has also found an amazing home - thank you for opening your heart to these babies in need.

In other memories, do you recall that Aurelia found Skippy by the bins? This sweet mum has a forever home with Shirley, and whilst two of her pups went travelling off to their homes in Germany another little Teddy boy has found a great forever home with Vicki. Little Luna from rescuer Alina is now in the UK, and our best news ever is that long term shelter boy Pedro has finally found his sofa - we couldn't be more thrilled for him!

Thank you to everyone for pledging to #adoptdontshop

You are amazing, and we look forward to sharing more updates from you all in future.


Finally, please support K-9 Angels founder Victoria and charity trustee Rebecca, together with adopter Clair and friend Serena they are off on their sponsored 100KM walk in 24 hours on 25th/26th August. They are walking from Eastbourne to Arundel on the South Downs Way. What an incredible endurance challenge, all for the dogs! For more information and to donate please go to www.southdownschallenge.com

As with all our challenges, all money raised goes directly to those dogs in dire need of our help – we just couldn’t do the work we do without your support, so please give any amount you can and show your support for these four brave ladies.

Our 2018 Challenge Participants!

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