On April 19th the K-9 Angels attended a very informative and inclusive meeting in Parliament about BSL.(Breed Specific Legislation)

APDAWG Meeting on BLS

Thank you so much to APDAWG (All-Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group) and Marc Abraham ( Marc the vet) for inviting us to the meeting.

The theme of the meeting was 'Where are we at with BSL and dog bite prevention?'

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Lisa Cameron MP:

Dr. Lisa Cameron MP

Dr. Lisa Cameron MP

The speakers were:

  • Peter Egan (Animal welfare campaigner and Actor)

  • Shakira Free Miles RVN BSc (The SaveABulls campaign)

  • Victoria Stilwell (celebrity dog trainer)

  • Dr Kendal Shepherd (veterinary behaviourist)

  • James Parry (Parry and Welch solicitors)

  • Paula Sparkes (The Centre of Animal Welfare-A-LAW)

Actor Peter Egan & Shakira Free Miles, founder of The SaveABulls

Actor Peter Egan & Shakira Free Miles, founder of The SaveABulls

Representatives from the Police force were invited but unfortunately unable to attend.

The topic of BSL never fails to appear divisive within many animal welfare organisations, amongst veterinary professionals, doctors, lawyers, Police, Government and local authorities.

This meeting gave MPs and attendees a chance to learn more about BSL, the effectiveness of its enforcement and reality of its impact on dog bite prevention.

Slides from the presentations

The SaveAbulls founded by Veterinary nurse Shakira Free Miles is a professional veterinary and evidence led campaign, aiming to repeal breed specific legislation (BSL) in favour of solutions for true dog bite prevention that does not single out specific breeds .

The SaveAbulls believe the current law needlessly targets dogs for the way they look. Evidence shows that conformation of type is not an accurate prediction for likely behaviour.

The aim of The SaveABulls is to abolish Breed Specific Legislation and change Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 to a more effective, encompassing dog bite prevention piece of legislation.

Innocent dogs are killed needlessly including dogs involved in abuse and cruelty because of the way they look.

Marc Abraham Marc the Vet

Marc Abraham, Marc the Vet

Part of the Governments reasoning behind BSL is that they presume dogs bred for fighting do not make suitable pets.

Yet the dogs being seized are often the family pets.

K-9 Angels feel, as many others do, that dogs should not be judged on their breed appearance but on their behaviour.

We want to see a change in he current legislation and more readily available education.

All the speakers delivered informative, thought provoking and powerful arguments and speeches.

TV presenter & celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell closed the meeting with a passionate speech, informing those present about the situation in Atlanta, USA where she lives, where there is currently no BSL.

“Many of my friends have 'Pit Bulls' and they are soccer mums!" she said. Victoria went to say “They are not only best friends but also therapy dogs, police dogs and education dogs"

Victoria Stillwell

Victoria Stilwell, celebrity dog trainer

K-9 Angels have attended many APDAWG meetings and we feel this was one of the most informative and thought provoking meetings to date.

These meetings generally are scheduled to last for two hours but this meeting ran over in time, which reflected the fact there was so much to say on this sensitive subject.

K-9 Angels charity is run by a tiny team of volunteers, so for us the most we can do is merely spread the information, as we feel the more people know what’s going on the greater the chance we will have in making the world a better place for all dogs all around the world.

Please share this news, and for more in-depth information please visit the links below.

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Or website -

‘Education, not breed specific legislation'.

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