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Sponsor Lassie at Red Panda (One Month Food Supply)

Sponsor Lassie at Red Panda (One Month Food Supply)


WHY SPONSOR? Followers of K-9 Angels may know that we have a strong connection with Red Panda and that Raluca has been a source of help to many dogs in need, including the nine pups found abandoned in the snow the other winter. We would like to relieve pressure from Raluca, finding sponsors who will be able to support on an ongoing basis to help a dog in need. This will cost as little as 38p a day - and will keep a dog fed and safe from harm until they can find their forever home.
Thank you,
The Angels x



The team at Red Panda found Lassie on the street, confused and afraid. They thought she was pregnant, so they managed to catch her to see a vet. It turned out she had a huge spleen and she eventually had a surgery to remove it.
She has been in the shelter for three years. Lassie is about six years old now, medium size (45 cm tall), very shy with people. She needs one on one connection and precious time, to be able to grow and become a confident joyful dog.

Red Panda will give her all the time she needs, with your help!


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